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Assistance in migration issues to foreign citizens



Every country in the world has its own unique features in all spheres of life. There is no doubt, that having arrived in Ukraine the foreigner finds him- or herself in another environment with unknown rules and traditions.

Our range of practices includes the legal support for non-residents. We will gladly help you to solve any legal issues, whether you are a foreign company aims to carry out ambitious business plans in Ukraine or non-resident individual paying a private visit in our country.

Here is a very shorten list of services that we are ready to provide in this field:

Temporary registration is "registration" of a citizen at a certain address, which is not his main place of residence, for a certain period of time.

Femida Partners provides the official registration of residents and non-residents in the city of Kropyvnytskyi and Kirovohrad oblast. We also work in other regions of Ukraine.

We provide assistance in registration issuing in the shortest time possible

The registration process involves the owner of the property that excludes the possibility of illegal operations.

Invitation to Ukraine: "green corridor" to the country


An invitation for a foreigner to visit Ukraine is a document that allows a foreign citizen to get visa entry, as well as residence permit. Ordinary citizens, as well as legal entities, i.e. national companies and organizations are able to invite a foreigner.

What the invitation to a foreigner could be required for? If you need a foreigner to come to Ukraine, you can assist him in this issue.

An inviter should apply for invitation to the nearby Department of State Migration Service:

  • Individual — by place of residence,
  • Legal entity — by registration place or location.

The inviter should submit a written application or a request filled by State Migration Service’s official. The application is filled in with the help of technical devices (on a computer) or by hand, necessarily — in printed letters. Any kind of abbreviations and corrections are forbidden.

The application is filled in Ukrainian language. The host party must assume a commitment in a written to sustain financially a foreigner for the whole period of his/her stay in Ukraine.

After having processed the application, the head of the Territorial Department of the State Migration Service makes a decision to issue or refuse to issue the document.

How to get an invitation to visit Ukraine


If you are a legal entity, and you need to invite a foreigner for business purposes, you should submit the following documents to the State Migration Service:

  • - filled in application form;
  • - passport document copies of director and authorized person;
  • - extract from the ERDPOU (Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine);
  • - statement of the bank account status of a standard form to confirm the financial status of the host party;
  • - appointment order of an authorized representative to work with foreigners;
  • - information about the foreign visitor’s future place of residence.

(Confirmation of booking the hotel or other corresponding documents should be in the national language and cover the whole period of the visit);

- copy of the passport of the foreigner, invited to Ukraine.

If you are an individual, you need to provide the papers as follows:

  • - a filled in application form;
  • - your passport or other document, for example, a permanent or temporary residence permit ( these documents are accepted for consideration, and then returned to the applicant);
  • - a statement on payment of the state fee for the document submitting;
  • - a copy of the foreigner’s passport which includes the personal data, and the certified translation of the text into the national language.

However, while applying by persons temporarily residing in the country on the basis of study or employment, it should be taken into account that the document must be agreed with the director of the organization you are employed in, with the rector of educational institution, etc.

Invitation to enter Ukraine: document particular features


An invitation letter for a foreigner is being processed for a long time - about 20 working days from the moment of filing in the request, but with the help of Femida Partners’ lawyers the procedure could be cut back for up to five days.

If you are going to make an invitation for a foreigner to visit Ukraine on a short-term basis, it will be a visa of C type, and here's where you will need to contact:

  • Invitation issuing for business and private purposes – contact Visa and Registration Office OVIR (State Migration Service);
  • Invitation for members of religious organizations - contact the Ministry of Culture. Invite a foreigner to Ukraine for obtaining a visa of D type:
  • Invitations for employees of foreign representative offices - contact the Ministry of Economic Affairs;
  • Invitations within the program of technical assistance – contact the relevant authority;
  • Registration of an invitation for representatives of foreign banks - contact the National Bank.

But having read the instruction, you should understand that the invitation for a foreigner to visit Ukraine is a very laborious and costly process, both financially and morally. Therefore, in order to quickly and successfully issue this question, it would be best to delegate it to our lawyers who specialize in Migration Law and can competently and qualitatively provide a foreigner with an invitation, so you will get the finished result with your minimal involvement.

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